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The Elephant and the Owl


The Oxen

Inspired by The Zoo at Christmas by Jane Gardam which involves a great escape from the zoo by a group of animals who are compelled to take part in the Nativity at the neighboring church. Their plan is to sing and be joined by angels (at which point they plan go into Latin). Most of parishioners never see the animals but none of them ever forgot the music of that night - good as the Bach Choir they said.

The Shoemaker and the Devil

Inspired by Anton Chekhov's The Shoemaker and the Devil in which a poor shoemaker discovers that being rich isn't as appealing as he had imagined. He comes to the realization that ...the same grave, was awaiting all alike, and there was nothing in life for which one would give the devil even a tiny scrap of one's soul.


Inspiration for this song is provided by O Henry's Christmas by Injunction. Cherokee strikes gold in a big way and wants to share his good fortune by playing Santa Claus to all the children of Yellowhammer, the town he built. Unfortunately, Cherokee does not realize that Yellowhammer is completely childless. Cherokee is rewarded for his generosity in an ending that is surprising, twisted, sweet and classic O Henry.

The Embers

This song was written to go along with Saki's Reginald's Christmas Revels. On the surface the story and the character relating it are both very funny. However, there is an undercurrent which suggests the comic portion of the character is just a thin veneer over a heartbroken loner.

Mermaid Lullaby

This is simply a song from a mother to her child.

A Rogue at Christmas

Similar to The Elephant and the Owl EP, these songs were created to be part of the ACT Theater production at Town Hall Seattle. Each song was written to be paired with a short story from the show. We had a lot of fun hearing great stories being read by wonderful actors and getting to play the songs.